So, like many people, I'm debating what to do with the DW account. I have it for two reasons before any others; to grab my usual username before anyone else does, and to be able to subscribe fairly easily to other DW accounts.

I could mirror LJ here, but I'm finding I abhor mirrored content. I have enough constraints on my reading time; I do not want to end up reading things twice, and that's what happens if, for instance, I'm reading someone's twitter feed, and they're posting stuff via Loudtwitter or the like to LJ. Mirrored LJ posts from blogs I read in Google Reader are likewise irritating.

I already have blogs for almost any purpose I can think of, and generally speaking, I want my non-personal writings to be out there on 'real' websites, not on services like LJ and DW where, apart from anything else, I can't earn any money from them.

So - for now, this journal will be kept for reading and commenting. If a majority of the people whose journals I read on LJ transfer to here, so will I.
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( May. 8th, 2009 07:21 am)
Turn and face the strange


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