gothwalk: (memory)
( Sep. 16th, 2014 06:44 pm)
Those are the Sunchase Brothers.
The woman behind them is Wild Marge.
She's eighty-two, and looks it, but she claims
That she danced in temples when she was younger.
The elder brother is called Stone,
The younger Junior. They're twins, they say,
But Stone aged himself twenty years by accident.
Junior's forty, if he's a day.
Once, Wild Marge was hungover - she employs them
To taste the vodka she distils,
But that night she drank it herself -
And the brothers went into battle by themselves.
They were having fun at first,
But Stone got bored.
He leaped up on his brother's shoulders, and shouted,
"Run away! Or I shall take off my eye-patch!"
And he began to lift it with his thumb.
The enemy ran away. Stone chortled,
And went to find something to drink.

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