I know that I am finished with all the writing, studying, etc. I am not yet in the state of mind where I can think of other things to do as things I can do now, as opposed to their still being things I can do at some later point. The actual results will be out later in the summer, and I am intensely relaxed with regard to them. The overall result will be a good 2.1, or if one of the dissertations got very good marks, maybe a first. Either is good. Either will get me into the MA in Local History in Maynooth, which is my current vague intention - but I will not be entering that until Autumn 2016 at the very earliest, and possibly not for another year after that.

I am developing a mental list of projects, which will become a physical or least electronic list of projects in the reasonably near future. It will include things like getting back to various RPGs, writing a paper for a conference in the summer, getting myself to inbox zero, various DIY things, a number of SCA craft projects, getting considerably fitter and losing some of the belly, getting armour together, getting into it and re-authorising as a heavy fighter, finding a place for archery practice in Dublin, and stepping up as Kingdom Social Media Officer for Drachenwald in June.

I also plan to have more of a presence on various blogs and so forth, although that's a plan I've had before.

What's notably absent from the list of projects is an MMO. I thought long and hard about getting back into Wurm Online, which I love, or EVE, likewise, or even some other MMO that people I know are playing. But they are such incredible timesinks that I don't think I can justify it; it would be one, or two, or three evenings a week going into something that has no output, and probably has an overall negative impact on my health. I may well continue to dip into Neverwinter once in a while, because it's free and takes no ongoing commitment, but other than that, computer games will be the offline sort with a distinct end point.

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