[livejournal.com profile] open_design pointed out that a writing sample might help convince people that I can string enough words together to produce something useful.

So here we go: Nebbish's Demon.

For those of you who didn't like the pricing structure I suggested, what would you like?

A point I didn't make clear is that if I turn out to be unable for one reason or another to finish the novel, or provide significant progress, in a reasonable time, everyone will get their money back. The actual metrics for that are subject to discussion with the Tier 3 people and voting by the rest, but I'm thinking that producing, say, eighty thousand plus words, deemed by the patrons at large to be halfway decent, inside a year, would be a useful measure.

(Part of my brain says, "Hah! I can churn out 40k words in a month!", and another part is going "You're mad. Bedbug. Hatter. Insane." We'll find out who's right, I suppose.)
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( Oct. 9th, 2007 10:42 pm)
So, I have an idea. This idea has been seeded by a number of things. First and foremost, the idea is from Wolfgang Baur's [livejournal.com profile] open_design, which has worked out very well indeed. Second, Diane Duane is writing a novel for subscribers, to be published when finished. Third, I find I write more when people are expecting something from me. Fourth, I'd like to see if this idea can be made in any way commercially viable.

The idea goes like this. I will come up with some ideas for a novel - scifi, fantasy, or something of the sort - and people will buy in to the project to direct it, Renaissance Patron of the Arts style. Yes, with money. There will be multiple subscription options:

Tier 1: For $2.50, you get to vote in polls to decide what way events, settings, and characters go.

Tier 2: For $20, you get to make suggestions about how you think things should be, on which you, the other Tier 2 subscribers, and the Tier 1 subscribers can then vote.

Tier 3: For $100, you get to say things like, "I want it to be set in 19th Century Arabia, but steampunk, and with alien invaders," or "Write every second chapter in iambic pentameter," and I will give your suggestion every possible consideration - essentially, unless everyone else involved, including me, actively hates your idea, it will happen. Plus polls, of course.

Tier 4: For $500, you get to issue the same commands as at the Tier three level, except that even if everyone else hates them, they still get in. You also get to change your mind completely on what you want, once, which at other Tiers will make me complain bitterly and probably become uncooperative. And of course, all the polls you can eat.

All subscribers will have their names affixed to the final manuscript, in font sizes appropriate to your tier. The tier 4 subscriber, if there is one - and there can only be one, obviously - will have a bigger font than either the title or my name.

This following poll is in no way binding, it's just to work out if there's interest. If there's enough interest to get to about $500, I'll put together Paypal buttons and such. I may go ahead on less than that. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Tell your cats they can have me write the novel in which they're recognised as our lords and masters.

[Poll #1068706]

No, I am not an established game writer like Wolfgang or a writer like Diane. Yes, I am some guy you know on the internet. But it still sounds like fun, right? Right?


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