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([personal profile] chelseagirl Oct. 20th, 2017 03:54 pm)
First off, with a throwaway background movie marquee that advertises "Bend it Like Bentham", The Good Place is officially the best sitcom that the universe has ever known. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Second, I have been drooling over a 40s-style tilt fedora at East Village Hats, and wishing I'd bought one last year for my big holiday gift instead of a peacock-blue wide-brimmed fedora which I love, but which is more generic. (But the color! That's what nabbed me when I walked in to buy.) When I was chatting with the owner, Peggy Carter came up, and I mentioned that I had one of the official red Peggy Stetsons. We bemoaned how little it looks like Peggy's actual hat and she offered to re-block mine so it would look more like the hat that the costume designer mocked up out of the blank Stetson sent her. Anyway, she's reblocking it and now I'm wishing I hadn't said yes to a dinner party next Saturday, before getting an invite to a costume party the same night. (The latter is in NJ, so not realistic to try to do both.) Perhaps I'll just wear Peggy hat to school on the 31st anyway -- I wear so much vintage and vintage repro that half the time I already look like I'm doing Peggy cosplay. (From the broader sense of her wardrobe, not the blue suit beloved of cosplayers.)

And I still want the Grand Film Noir tilt fedora, but probably not in red. But it is one of those serious save-up items. Then I want a proper, well-fitting cloche, and a black cocktail hat with a veil. Then I need a life fabulous enough to wear a black cocktail hat with a veil.

Deadwood rewatch continues. Jack Langrishe just showed up, and Hearst is an Evil MoFo. And Steve the Drunk makes me think of Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball. But only his name. I thought Joanie/Jane were already obviously a couple by this point, rather than semi-roommates; I am definitely misremembering things. They did become a real couple, right? Or did I just wish that into existence? I still go "awwww" over Ellsworth, but he is mansplaining to Alma too much. And wow, Seth/Martha have progressed to handholding. They'resohot. And I am still in love with Sol. I remembered how angry Trixie was, but she's just so awesome anyway. And Al continues to inspire such loyalty. Including in me.
Last night, I bolted out of a dead sleep at a little after 11 because the landline was ringing. I run downstairs, but let it go to the answering machine, which is basically a reflex at this point. No message.

I then look at my phone, because grabbing that when I wake up in the middle of the night is absolutely a reflex (though the Pip sleeps much, much better these days!) . . . and it was me. The cell had someone dialed the landline. [*]

I post this story elsewhere, and literally seconds later, I get the punchline )

[*] On reflection, it wasn't that late, so I think I fell asleep with the phone still on in my hand and touched it enough to keep the screen awake, until eventually I randomly dialed home. I checked, I hadn't made any other outgoing calls, at least.
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([personal profile] kate_nepveu Oct. 18th, 2017 08:05 am)
SteelyKid made teddy-bear-pipe-cleaner swaps [*] for her Girl Scouts bridging ceremony last night, which she was justly proud of because she'd figured out a better way to make them that didn't involve cutting up the pipe cleaners, and she distributed them by running up to people, sticking out her full hands, and saying, "Bears!"

Which made me laugh every time, thinking of friends writing Yuletide.

Anyway, her swaps were a big hit, and if you need a Yuletide beta and you think I might know your fandom, hit me up even if it's not on the spreadsheet. Comments are screened.

[*] Any kind of little craft on a safety pin that you can trade.
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([personal profile] gothwalk Oct. 18th, 2017 11:58 am)
So, what do you think of Star Trek: Discovery?

Comments may contain spoilers. Since it's available worldwide at a time of your choosing, and if you can see any of it, you can see all of it, I have less than the usual level of sympathy for spoiler complaints.
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([personal profile] m_nivalis Oct. 18th, 2017 11:21 am)
Note to self: If you stay up until 1am, and still keep your alarm in the morning, you will be very tired all day. Solution A: stay up late, no alarm. Sleep until you wake up.
Solution B: go to bed at midnight latest.

With love,
Your body

P.S. tell your brain that it isn't housed in a 18 year old body any longer.
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So when I'm not working or sleeping or, okay, watching some stuff, I've been working on the original fiction. And it's going pretty well, but thank god, I taught Anne Lamott's "Shitty First Drafts" today and need to remind myself that it's okay to suck sometimes.

Also, the series ending of Halt and Catch Fire was seriously the best thing ever.

Also, if you don't watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (worst title in existence but great show), google "Let's Generalize About Men" -- seriously.

Slowing down re. Deadwood because I'm almost done with s. 2 and I want it to never end and yet I see it snowballing towards disaster.
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([personal profile] kate_nepveu Oct. 16th, 2017 10:18 pm)
Somehow, I don't know how, I started following an embroidery blog, Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread. And I liked what I saw, but transferring designs seemed really tedious and also fraught with the possibility of error, and it's not like I don't have enough stitching projects on hand already.

. . . and then, of course, I found pre-printed "coloring book" fabric in a craft store, very cheap. So I decided to give it a try, using spare floss from my stash.

The fabric is "Zenbroidery", specifically the Garden print. The picture has suggested stitching, but, well, check out the big version: you could see the printing through the stitching, I just couldn't make myself do it. So I dug through the Needle 'n Thread archives for ideas, picked out some floss, popped the fabric on my Q-Snaps, and started out.

It was a lot of fun at first! Not having to look at a pattern makes things flow surprisingly quickly and enjoyably. And making the vines split off and curl around was very satisfying.

Here's as far as I got before I stopped:

picture )

(click to make huge, or view on Google Photos)

I'm stopping for several reasons: I don't like the colors I picked; it's too big (10" square); satin stitch with a single strand of DMC is incredibly tedious; and worst, the fabric is just awful: it's so thin you can see the brown desk underneath it, and every time I had to pick out stitches or try to set them close together, I was afraid I'd rip it.

So I'm going to put this aside and get some better-quality (and smaller) preprinted fabric from Etsy, as my travel project. Because I have also started gridding the Teresa Wentzler Celestial Dragon, nearly eight years after I was given the pattern, and that's not a travel project in the least. (I'm making myself a ruler for the gridding, and even with that I'm still so nervous about messing it up that I'm sure I'm going to recount all the blocks regardless, because I'm planning to do as she suggests and stitch the border first . . . )

Do you embroider? Do you have a favorite pattern source or type? (I think I might try crewel at some point, because the nice soft thick wool threads look very appealing.)
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I want to participate in the smallfandombigbang challenge, but the support comm is on LJ.

I deleted my LJ of many years very deliberately this spring, over the Russian censorship issue.

I'm told I can use OpenID to join the comm over there.

Except when I look at the DW FAQ on OpenID, I see info on using OpenID on DW. When I look at the LJ FAQ, it tells me I can use OpenID over there and then requests a URL.

I cannot figure out how to create an OpenID account from DW to use on an LJ comm.

What am I missing?
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I've gotten used to the idea that I'm only going to get 2 kudos on each of those older stories I've been reposting, though the last longer one finally got up to 4, yay! But I posted one on Friday that still has none despite having gotten 27 hits. Where are my 2 happy readers? Cut for C. being anxious and silly. Read more... )

Meanwhile, my Deadwood story has kudos only from folks I know, and not that many other hits (way less than the more obscure fandom, above) so I guess not a lot of random searches in that fandom these days.

And I'm clearly always going to spoil myself on ST:D because since M and I watch together, we sometimes don't watch 'til the Saturday, the day before the next one comes out.
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([personal profile] chelseagirl Oct. 15th, 2017 08:45 am)
Yesterday I went to a conference, NCPTW (national conference on peer tutoring in writing), which was held out on Long Island, so even though it's not one of my usual conferences, I thought I'd check it out. Great panels, the ones I saw, though I missed the first day -- it was a Friday/Saturday -- and arrived a bit late on the second because I presented along with a student writing consultant, who had to get the train in from NJ to meet me at Penn Station to get out to the island, and . . . trains happen.

My blouse, a very pretty one which was one of my late aunt's and which I'd never actually worn before, turned out to be not-so-well-engineered across the bustline, shall we say? I hadn't thought to wear a cami underneath, just my bra, so after I realized it had unbuttoned itself at one point, this was a potential disaster.

Aisha lent me one of her hijab pins to keep it closed and stave off that disaster.

Dammit, I love my diverse America as it is, not the America Trump and his followers want it to be.
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Everything is terrible, but people living in the US, or US citizens abroad, take a minute for this?

Support the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act (S. 200, H.R. 669) to require a, you know, declaration of war by Congress before the President can launch a first nuclear strike.

rydra_wong has links and context, and rachelmanija has phone numbers and a script. (Don't, however, spend your time contacting members of Congress outside your districts; save your energy.)
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Interesting what I'd forgotten and what I'd remembered. I'm a bit more than halfway done with s. 2 now.

Why is it that I like Dan Dority so much? He kills on command for Al, and yet there's something almost sweet about him? Generally, the group at the Gem, despite surface unpleasantness, seems to have an underlying care for each other -- visually portrayed after Al's surgery when Doc Cochran, Trixie, Dan and Johnny all kind of pile up around Al in their joy at his recovery.

While Al is by far the most compelling character, on first watch I was so smitten by Timothy Olyphant that Seth was my other focus. While he's still very lovely to look at, not to mention interestingly complex, he's a difficult proposition in many ways. I continue my crush on Sol, this time around, and I've just gotten to the point of Ellsworth's proposal, where he becomes the center of all "awwwwwwwww"s.

Charlie Utter is another character I'm paying a lot of attention to, this time around; his friendship with Joanie is, as scripsi has commented elsewhere, complete in itself and separate from anything to do with Al, Seth, Cy -- the depth and richness of this world is something that gives me joy.

Trixie -- although Al wants her hanging out at the hardware store partly as eyes and ears on Seth and Sol, I also get the feeling that he's happy for her learning bookkeeping. Her level of self-loathing is almost as great at Jane's. We just had Jane's first call on Joanie, the beginning of the friendship that leads to the relationship. The way Joanie was sitting in the dark, waiting for Wolcott to come, I expected she was waiting to die (even though I remember she didn't), and was so pleased when she, instead, defended herself and drove him off. So much learned helplessness among the women, and so nice to see them rise up against that.
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I realized I've been using with a DIY electronic bullet journal since January and actually keeping up with it . . . consistently, the whole time? . . . so it's probably time to write it up.

tl;dr: I use Dynalist, a free webpage/app that allows you to generate collapsible outlines, to keep a to-do checklist and journal bullet points for every day. I like this because things that don't get done can just be dragged into a new day, and because bullet points for journaling lowers the mental energy required to keep up with it. This system is highly flexible, goes with me everywhere, and lets me keep almost everything in one place. (I use Google Calendar for things that need to be scheduled more than two weeks out.)

Setting the scene: )

Then, in early January, I read Tobias Buckell's post on bullet journaling, which made it sound sensible and appealing. After a little more reading (I noted down this Buzzfeed post), I found a recommendation for Workflowy as an electronic bullet journal—necessary because I will not carry paper with me everywhere and I need to have access to my to-do list at all times—the examples were way more complicated than I needed, but did show that it could be very powerful and customizable.

I stopped using Workflowy at the end of July for two reasons: first, the mobile app was not good, it was way too easy to drag stuff around by accident, but hard to move it on purpose; second, it only lets you keep a single (infinitely long and collapsible) outline, which was cramping my reference-note-keeping-consolidation.

Hence: Dynalist. Which is free, and which has an Android app in beta which is much more functional, and which lets you have multiple documents. (It also has a Workflowy import.) The paid version is a smidge expensive ($8/month billed annually), but I haven't felt the need for it; I might, however, end up signing up anyway just to toss them some money. I use a pinned Chrome tab (like so) on desktop, because I didn't realize it had a Windows desktop app in beta until I just checked.

Here's how I've adapted the general bullet journal idea to a collapsible outline app: )

I've sometimes gotten a few days behind, but never more than a few, and I've always gone back and filled in at least a point or two about the day. And I started on January 9, so that's really pretty darn good. It hasn't been a magic (heh) bullet about getting things done, but it has reduced the amount of effort I put into keeping track of things, which leaves more energy for actually doing them. So on the whole, I'm pretty happy with it; and in case it sounds useful to you, here it is.
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([personal profile] yendi Oct. 10th, 2017 07:18 am)
There was a second ship out in the storm called the Fearless, and they all perished so that the folks on the Minnow could make it to shore.

It makes sense lyrically, and it's a lot more believable than the notion that Gilligan (the entire "crew") is capable of saving people's lives.
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Deadwood rewatch has slowed down a bit because I keep falling asleep in the evenings, and M was off for Columbus Day yesterday, so I just left early for the office. And got so much done! So much easier to accomplish things before the Writing Center opens and I start needing to interact with people . . .

Does anyone here watch The Exorcist? Read more... ) this season we have *tah-dah* John Cho! Admittedly, there are all kinds of church-hierarchy conspiracies, so it's like the lovechild of The Exorcist and a Dan Brown novel, but hey, priests so slashy that even I see it . . .

Thoughts about writing: So I have started writing a historical mystery. And I'm having some lengthy thoughts, and I'll put up a cut, but I'd appreciate it if anyone is patient enough to read the following, because I don't really have anyone to talk to about this with: Read more... )

So yeah, I really need encouragement to keep going and I'm afraid I'll fizzle out. I've been telling nonfannish Real Life friends that I'm doing this (without all those details) hoping to embarrass myself into continuing. When it's so much easier to write something for AO3, where I might not get much attention, but even a couple of kudos or a comment is enough motivation to keep going.

And because my scholarship is turning more towards writing studies and less towards what I trained in, I'm also finding that writing something set in the 19th c, even if it's in the "wrong" country (I focused on the British novel in grad school) makes me feel engaged with that whole part of my life again.
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([personal profile] kate_nepveu Oct. 7th, 2017 09:28 pm)
(The first week was two episodes back-to-back, which is why we're up to episode four.)

I love this show very, very much. Also, Chad hasn't seen S1, but we watched the first four episodes of S2 together and he enjoyed it too, so while you definitely should watch S1—I think the characterizations work better that way—you can totally jump in at S2. (I did pause it once, to explain Mindy, but that was it.)

If you haven't seen it yet: go, see it! You'll almost certainly like it! And my goodness does it burn through plot at an extraordinarily high rate of speed, wow. This is really good, really funny, really thoughtful speculative fiction, and it makes me incredibly happy.

SPOILERS through currently-aired episodes )

Spoilers are ok in comments--please do, in fact!
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([personal profile] chelseagirl Oct. 7th, 2017 06:33 pm)
The last two episodes of season 1 are when I realized this wasn't just a good show, but a great show -- and on rewatching a decade later, that still holds true. Al's near-Shakespearean soliloquy while on the receiving end of a bj was brilliant enough, while so many things in that finale -- Doc Cochran's on-his-knees soliloquy, Seth and Alma's doomed-from-the-start but so passionate coming together, and especially Swearengen's killing the terminally ill and raving (of a brain tumor) Reverend gently, almost kindly and carrying the body back to the Doc's himself in his arms (how often do we ever even see him leaving the Gem?), and then coldheartedly arranging for Adams to kill the magistrate in an almost offhand way.

I love that Swearengen supports Seth's ascension to the position of Sheriff in 1.12 and then that they're almost immediately at odds in 2.1.

It almost hurts to see how Trixie's self-loathing causes her to keep sabotaging things with Sol, and how patient he is. (He still gets my vote for Most Sane and Reasonable Person in Camp.) And while I'd remembered later on Joanie/Jane vividly, I'd forgotten about Alice Krige's character. Watching Cy Tolliver towards the beginning of s. 1, it's notable how alone he is now, surrounding by yes-people and underlings as he's driven away both Joanie and Eddie, who'd seemed to be such a unified team when the Bella Union first opened. (I was pleased to see that Ricky Jay was still writing scripts in s. 2 even though he'd left the series after s. 1.)

Since I hadn't rewatched since the original broadcast, I was surprised about Garrett Dillahunt's recasting in a second role in s. 2. I guess M and I never noticed because of the time in between, as well as because the character was so different in appearance and manner. But now it's striking me as really odd, especially in a show that is so very meticulous about detail.

Also, there is a story I want to write about Wu -- something that I expected to happen all through the series and never did. Maybe I'll get on that tonight.

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