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( Jun. 19th, 2015 02:44 pm)
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A SF/F/H author whose books I will buy sight unseen is: There are more than a few. Jim Butcher, Jo Walton, China Mieville, Neal Stephenson, Barbara Hambly, Ann Leckie, Diane Duane, Max Gladstone... but for purposes of this discussion, let's say Barbara Hambly.

My favorite book by that author is: Sorcerer's Ward (published in the US as Stranger at the Wedding). It's in the same setting as some of her previous books, and features a minor character from them. The world-building, the characters, and the development of magic in the setting are absolutely brilliant.

The most recent new-to-me SF/F/H author I discovered was: Max Gladstone

The book that helped me discover that author is: Three Parts Dead. Gladstone's world is a departure from Tolkienesque fantasy, developing what's essentially a modern society where magic and gods are an integral part of day to day life. There are lawyers and financiers, and magic and magical contracts are worked all through it. And then he sets characters into motion who are genuinely human, appealing people. Brilliant stuff.

One of my favourite SF/F/H authors is: Diane Duane

They are one of my favourites because: She's developed a coherent setting which runs alongside our reality, with some of my favourite characters as well. She's had books set in Ireland which actually feel like Ireland, and Irish characters who aren't caricatures. And she has feline wizards. Also, the decision to update some of her earlier books to make them work in a world where mobile phones and internet access happen was something I'd like to see more authors do.

The most coveted SF/F/H book I own is: I don't know that I have any. I mean, I've a few signed odds and ends, from having been to conventions, but they're mostly meaningful to me, rather than being things anyone else would covet. I have a few first editions, but again, they're mostly 80s and 90s paperbacks, not hardcovers, and I don't reckon anyone would want them. By and large, I value my books for the text, not the physical object.

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