gothwalk: (memory)
([personal profile] gothwalk Feb. 5th, 2016 01:03 pm)
This is an entry for the Failbetter Games Zee Shanty competition. Sadly, it's limited to 100 words, so you only get two verses of it.

Oh, a bottle of the Willow wouldn't do us any harm,
An' a dark and dewy cherry wouldn't send us to the farm,
An' a rubbery lump or two wouldn't raise any alarm,
An’ you’ll all hang on behind!

Send me down to Wolfstack and then pressgang me to sea,[x3]
An' you'll all hang on behind!

And the scatter of the bats there is a grand old sight to see,
Them bats are damnéd lucky when you're putting out to zee,
An' I'll meet the Likely Lass there if she's only meeting me,
An’ you’ll all hang on behind!

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