gothwalk: (Music - System of a Down)
( Jul. 17th, 2005 11:50 am)
There seems to be no hangover. I woke up at ten, reasonably refreshed, lay reading for a while, showered, and had a solid breakfast. I'm not feeling like doing anything strenuous, but I'm not dead either. This is an improvement on the ordinary post-late-night situation.

Fibbers last night was in some ways strange. There was a definite feeling of being 20 again, and there were an awful lot of the same faces around - some of them have to be younger siblings, though, as they haven't aged at all. The music was different in content if not in tone and there was no smoke - though there was a godawful stink from somewhere in the downstairs area. I think I must have spent the best end of an hour on the dancefloor, and my neck is telling me a bit about it.

There was one point, with the floor about half capacity, when Europe's Final Countdown came on. I turned to see who else was on the floor, discovered three other long-haired and/or bearded guys doing the same thing - so that we had formed a spontaneous circle. We all looked at each other, grinned - and proceeded to headbang through the entire thing. One guy was grinning maniacally throughout; you could see his teeth glowing in the UV light each his head swung up. Green Day and System of a Down were additional opportunities to hurt myself, although things stayed just short of a full mosh.

Aside from the beer garden, which was full, they had opened up part of the car park behind, with one or two security guys to stop people from wandering too far away. It was quieter out there, you could breathe a bit, and have conversations. LJ saturation was at its usual level, and I had meandering conversations with [ profile] mr_wombat, [ profile] pardina, [ profile] tobinjt, [ profile] yrthilian, [ profile] darskyl, and one other guy who I know from Redbrick, but whose LJ username I'm having trouble finding. [ profile] eng_monkey was lurking somewhere, too, as were various other folks. I spoke to various people about various books; if I said I'd lend you something, remind me and we'll make arrangements for a handover.

[ profile] mr_wombat, [ profile] olethros and I walked most of the way home before we got a taxi. Navigating the streets of Dublin to avoid nightclubs at three in the morning is an interesting route.
gothwalk: (Music - System of a Down)
( Jul. 17th, 2005 03:44 am)
In the morning, my neck, and possibly portions of my upper back, are going to hate me. I don't remember being able to keep going for half hour stretches when I was 20, though, so clearly there're some advantages to the aging process.


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