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( Sep. 17th, 2007 12:12 am)
When you're lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about the kinds of economic activity you'd get if squirrels were sentient (nut indexes? hoarding as a normal economic behaviour?), it's time to get up and blog about it.

I have no idea what drives my occasional insomnia. I'll be perfectly comfortable in bed, tired, on the verge of sleeping, and something clicks over in the brain and boom! I'm as awake as I'd be in mid-evening, which is usually as good as it gets. So I'm up, eating crunchy organic peanut butter on toast and peering at the internets.

It's been a good weekend. [ profile] inannajones was working on Saturday, so I got up when she did, poked the internet until it became clear that it wasn't going to do anything entertaining, and went out in search of things to cook, after doing some housekeeping bits that needed doing. I had a vague idea that sausagemeat would be a good foundation for a pie-filling, and so tried a few butchers. "No," said the pork specialist on Camden Street, "we don't have it, but you could do that with stuffing. I've some good stuffing here." So I bought stuffing, and also some pork chops, smoked bacon (excellent smoked bacon, I might add), and then meandered around the Camden Street area acquiring carrots, potatoes, beans, and Jusrol pastry. And I found that one of our local Middle Eastern shops stocks jalebis. And all the while I was reading while walking - which I can manage perfectly well, and do a lot of - Kim Stanley Robinson's Fifty Degrees Below, which is rather excellent. Some of it pleased me so much that I came home and quoted it on my Winter Blog, and then [ profile] inannajones called to say "Bull Island".

So I threw a frisbee and some jalebis in my bag, and went to catch a bus to Drumcondra, to meet [ profile] inannajones where she works, and get a short tour of the place. It's a gorgeous old theological college, with a campus that has lots of green, and indoor areas that have lots of wood. We drove across to [ profile] olethros house, and walked down to the beach on Bull Island, and drew things in the sand, and talked about gaming and the internet and other important topics, and watched kite fliers and kite surfers, and then got fish and chips on the way back. And then an evening at home in front of the computers, where the internet did indeed provide some entertainment.

Sunday morning, I woke up snuffly and sore-throated, and unable to stay lying down comfortably. So I got up and flew a few missions in EVE and then started the process of pie-making. That took some time, and when [ profile] inannajones got up, I split off some of the smoked bacon for breakfast and we made coffee. And when the pie came out of the oven in a satisfactory state, we went off to Bushy Park, parking the car nearby and going to wander around. The idea was to collect leaves, which I'd then use in collage things, but it started to rain while we were there. Soggy leaves are not good for collecting, and they're not in full colour yet anyway. So instead we walked in the rain, and talked about the Gods, and found and ate huge numbers of incredibly good blackberries.

We got back to the car just as the rain looked a bit like easing off, and decided that we'd hold off on going home and eating pie to wander southward a bit into Wicklow, and see if there were any useful spots for blackberry picking there. So we drove off under the M50 and around tiny steep windy roads, and stopped to walk and explore a bit near Tibradden, and then back in via Kilcullen and a traffic jam at Dundrum shopping centre. And then we got home, and ate pie, which was deemed good, and drank cider, which was also good, and spodded for the evening. I found fascinating blogs, and figure that Pirates of the Burning Sea is going to be my next game. And then bed, and finally the squirrel economics, and now I'm here.

So I think some more reading about PotBS, and then another mission or two in EVE, and then maybe I can sleep.


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