gothwalk: (magic is all around you)
( Jun. 28th, 2005 06:30 pm)
So the barbecue ran, and it was most excellent - our best one yet, I think. I cooked for many hours, spelled occasionally by [ profile] graylion, [ profile] yrthilian and [ profile] grutok. There were vast quantities of food and drink consumed. There was live music, mostly provided by [ profile] dizzicizzi, on [ profile] olethros' guitar. There were small-scale explorations of the pond, girls snogging, lights in small trees, much excellent beer, [ profile] miroza_cat supervising from on high, a number of obscure quotes, men in kilts, sugar overdoses, dogmatic non-discussions of technical design, and a set of really quite impressive hangovers.

It's possibly a measure of how good it was that I didn't get around to posting this until now.
Big Easy Players - my schedule is becoming rather jammed, and this Thursday's game is going to be the major casualty. Sorry about this; the schedules should settle down again soon. I'll see most of you at the barbecue, anyway.


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