I don't think I have ever been out in weather that unpleasant before. The only thing that could have fallen from the sky but didn't was frogs, and some of what fell wasn't so much falling as travelling horizontally. Rain, sleet, snow, sharp pointy hail, high winds, all in the 35 minute walk home from work.
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( Nov. 14th, 2007 08:28 am)
(I have to get some better icons; I'm getting very bored with most of mine)

It's cold and drizzly out there this morning, and I was taking a look at various weather sites. Metcheck's front page has a long ramble at the moment about current conditions. One particular line made me laugh out loud:

"... the silly season has now officially started for all those who like following the models to see if it will snow, chucking cups of coffee at the wall when the 1800z run has been downgraded and getting in the annual spirit of snow ramping on various internet forums when things are looking favourable is going to become a common occurrence."

As someone who's followed weather forums in winter for a few years, I can tell you, it's all true, coffee cups and all.
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 12:29 pm)

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This is a complete sidetrack from all current projects, and I won’t have time to look at it for weeks, if not months, but…

Does anyone know of a service from which I could fetch weather predictions for an arbitrary area (specified by country and city, preferably) for the following day or week in XML or any other kind of web service? In particular, I’d be looking for predicted temperatures and precipitation types.

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( Sep. 19th, 2006 04:40 pm)

Originally published at Now Is A Long Time Too. You can comment here or there.

You all know I’m a weather buff by now. And one of the things I’m most fascinated by in the weather is the stuff that happens within a few days of the same date every year, regardless of what the rest of the weather is doing. One of these is the upturn in temperatures on Christmas Day (proving, at least in my mind, that the date was set by early medieval weather geeks). The other is the equinoctal storm, which happens twice a year, within the week of March and September 21. St. Patrick’s Day 1987 saw one of the worst storms I can remember, and now, coming up to September 21, we have… Hurricane Gordon.

From Metcheck:

Here are the probabilistic forecasts for the next 48 hours :- 1. Gordon has no interaction with the British Isles (5%) 2. Gordon splits in two late on Wednesday evening taking gales and heavy rain North into Southern Ireland which later spreads East into Western areas (60%) 3. Gordon retains central circulation affecting Western Ireland as a Tropical Storm (20%) 4. Gordon retains central circulation affecting Western England and the Irish Sea as a Tropical Storm (15%)

Better forecasts will be available tomorrow, but in any case, incoming storm.

(Yes, I know this is nothing for people in real hurricane areas. This is a big one from our point of view.)

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( Feb. 4th, 2002 12:31 pm)
Man, that weather is bad. It's a kind of sneaky cold that gets right inside, and stays there. I've been inside for two hours since the trip to work, there's a heater going full blast not two metres from me, and I'm still freezing - my hands are numb. There must be something wrong with the weather this year, I normally stride around in a t-shirt in 4 degrees and still have warm hands. Not enough meditation, perhaps.

So it was a busy weekend. On Friday evening, we had the penultimate game of Spellbound. It came out that just about the only way forward was for Ki (a deity, and one the PCs were rather fond of, one of them being his father/High Priest/Proxy) to well, sacrifice himself. So things were unhappy there, and all three players were crying, and I was trying not to.

Saturday afternoon and into evening, we had the first meeting of a pagan circle, which was very successful, and I'm looking forward to the first working meeting. I'm going to be "doing homework" in the form of essay writing, which should provoke me into reading some more of those books I keep meaning to read.

And then late on Saturday evening, Nina/Urda came up with a way out of Ki's sacrifice, by using the enemies' resources against them, in time for the last game of Spellbound on Sunday afternoon. So, thanks once again to to Urda's brilliance, the campaign had a happy ending, and everything is set up for the sequel - Spellbound : Major Arcana. It's the end of an era, three years after we started the campaign - but not an End, if you see what I mean. I really liked how it finished up, with plot threads all tied away neatly, and everybody happy.

My head is buzzingwith stuff for MA, and I'm really enjoying planning for it. And work is less hectic now for a bit, so I can actually take the time to think, and plot, and write stuff down.


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