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( Nov. 2nd, 2005 05:17 pm)
This is rather strange. Firefox seems to think the bit of Javascript I'm debugging is in kanji (or something).

Anyone seen anything like this before?

Image of JS Console )
I have a feeling that this is in fact impossible, but here goes.

If I have two divs - columns, in effect - sitting side by side within a containing div, is there any way to get an element within the div-with-shorter-content to float to the bottom? The left-hand div is a reliable amount of content; the right could be shorter or longer than it. Each one contains, among other things, a button that has to drop to the bottom of the containing div.

Dammit, it's even hard to explain.
I've no idea which game it was supposed to be tomorrow night, but I'm not going to make it - I've been late in work every day this week, and probably will be for those remaining.
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( Aug. 30th, 2005 02:21 pm)
While, by and large, I am not given to giving any credence to astrology, I have to observe that when stressed, I take enormous comfort from making lists of stuff done and stuff to do. Typical Virgo.
We're now in the two week run up to the beginning of the NFL (boo, hiss, etc), and this means that the sports betting company I work for is at the peak of the work year. Therefore, while I do scan LJ in the mornings, my comprehension is not good (unless you write in XSL, XML, CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc). If there's anything important, cool, or needful of my input in one way or another, please mail me, or draw it to my attention around September 12th.
Job always struck me as a very Zen kinda guy. And I'm trying hard to maintain that meditative, patient, if-it-be-your-will attitude. However, Job never had to deal with the utter gods-be-damned mess that is cross-browser issues in CSS.
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( Jul. 11th, 2005 03:15 pm)
I'm having an interesting CSS issue here in Internet Explorer 6 - not showing in Firefox or Opera.

Extracts from my code:


<div id="container">
<div id="info"></div>
<div id="content"></div>


#container {
width: 778px;
position: absolute;
left: 50%;
margin-left: -375px;
border-left: 1px solid #382A7E;
border-right: 1px solid #382A7E;
#info {
width: 211px;
float: right;
#content {
width: 566px;
border-right: 1px solid #382A7E;

Now, what's happening in IE is that the info div is too wide, and is pushing the content div down the page. Reducing the width of the info div by 3 pixels to 208 makes it narrow enough, but this isn't ideal - I need every pixel of that 211.

My first conclusion on some research was that this is a manifestation of IE's box-model problems, wherein it puts borders inside the total width, not outside, so that IE would only see 776 pixels to work with #container. However, widening #container by 2px to give it the "full" 778 didn't work - and leaves some ugly gaps in Firefox and Opera.

The 3-pixel difference does lead to to think that it might be something to do with the borders, though...

Anyone able to explain to me what's happening here?

EDIT: Solved by [ profile] loupblanc, by adding "float: left;" to #content. Genius!
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( Jun. 20th, 2005 07:47 am)
After two days off sick at the end of last week, and a very good weekend, the inertia is incredible. I've no problem with work, but it's eight miles and an hour away, and hauling myself out of this chair and heading that way seems incredibly difficult. Still, barbecue this weekend. The sooner I get the week started, the sooner that gets here.

(But I'm still sitting here...)
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( Jul. 3rd, 2002 09:47 am)
Despite leaving the house at 8:02 - for the second time, having forgotten to put the bin out the first time - I got to work at 8:59. I'm not sure this should be physically possible, let alone considering the combination of shank's mare, 18 bus and Dart. There was no traffic worth speaking of between Rathmines and Ranelagh, which is surely a sign of the end times. And I've just finished Barabara Hambly's The Mother of Winter. I think that I must have gone through most of the books I bought last year far too fast, because I didn't recall reading it at all. Or rather, I recalled a few minor details, but not the plot, descriptions, or further plot hooks. So it was like a whole new book. The next thing on the list is a copy of E E "Doc" Smith's Subspace Explorers, which Mac gave me last night. I didn't quite remember the florid prose, but it's all coming back to me now.
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( Jun. 28th, 2002 01:01 pm)
We're getting in a new affiliate system thing, and even after I reluctantly said that the ASP one would probably work better with our current stuff, it looks like we're getting the PHP one. I've never gotten to use PHP in work before, so this is going to be fun. And perhaps my boss will buy me new books.
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( May. 14th, 2002 04:45 pm)
Since everyone else has this, I might as well have a go, and I'll put it on LJ rather than the weblog. I got the questions from [ profile] puritybrown.

first grade teacher's name: Mrs. Francis Dowse.
last word you said: "Cheers."
last song you sang: All Star (Smash Mouth)
last person you hugged: Nina
last thing you laughed at: A bad pun in an email on a web development list.
last time you said 'i love you': To Nina, this morning as I was heading out.
last time you cried: No idea...

what's in your cd player: A set of images too big to FTP usefully.
what color socks are you wearing: One grey, one black.
what's under your bed: Two drawers, one of which contains some bed linen.
what time did you wake up today: 06:20, courtesy Miroza the cat.

where do you want to go: Edinburgh again, New Zealand, Finland again, Alaska, Norway, Prague
what is your career going to be: Web Developer / Game Writer / Guru
where are you going to live: Somewhere in the SE quarter of Ireland. Rural.
how many kids do you want: None.
what kind of car will you have: 4 wheel drive of some kind. Probably Volvo.

current taste: Either "scruffy" or "coffee". You choose.
current hair: Tangled, black at the ends, blond at the roots, tied back in a ponytail.
current clothes: Green combats, black tshirt.
current annoyance: Sore patch on my side. No idea why.
current smell: Um. Coffee too, I guess.
current longing: A 28 hour day.
current desktop picture: Something from Digital Blasphemy.
current favorite artist: Smash Mouth
current book: Deities & Demigods (Just finished Burnt Offerings)
current worry: This is taking too long. I should do some work instead.
current time-wasting wish: Sleeeeep.
current hate: Not having enough time.

story behind your lj username: "The air around you darkens noticably as you gothwalk here"; a verb from the TCD NetSoc MOO.
current favorite article of clothing: Multi-pocketed vest/coat thing.
favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: Curves.
last cd that you bought: Can't remember.
favorite place to be: Behind my laptop while running a D&D game.
least favorite place: Changing rooms in secondary school.
strong in mind or strong in body: Hm. Can I say both? I'm both stubborn and capable of lifting weights...
time you wake up in the morning: 06:30 weekdays, about 09:00 at weekends.
if you could play any instrument, what would it be: Saxophone or electric guitar.
favorite color: Black, or lapis lazuli blue.
do you believe in an afterlife? Yes.
how tall are you? 5'8", about.
current favourite word: Anthropomorphic
favorite book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
favorite season: Winter
one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk: That's a weird question. And I can't think of any that I can't just go and talk to anyway.
favorite day: Sunday, cos that's the one day I get to spend with Nina. After June, probably back to Friday - start of the weekend and game day.

type a line you remember from any book: "Had I the heavens embroidered cloths / the blue and the dim and the dark cloths"
a line from the last thing you wrote to someone: "The World Cup site is shaping up decently, albeit with a few changes still to be made." It's a work thing.
a random lyric: "I believe that we'll conceive to make in hell for us a heaven.
A brave new world. A promised land.
A fortitude of hearts and minds.
Until I see this kingdom is mine,
I'll turn the darkness into light.
I'll guide the blind.
My will be done until the day I see this kingdom has been won."

-- "Kingdom", VNV Nation.

identify some things surrounding your computer: This would be much more interesting at home... various printouts and scribbled noted, a copy of New Scientist, several O'Reilly Books, a mug, my mobile, a biro, a few CD cases, and the Code Otter.
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( Jan. 24th, 2002 12:30 pm)
So yeah, overtime last night, in at the office, slogging away at the code until after 22:00. I don't recall seeing that number on an office computer in, oh, four years or so, not since I pulled all-nighters in IONA in Stephen's Green, more to use the web from a comfortable chair than by necessity of work. But I got a good lot done before I hit for home, and ate a passable pizza to keep me going.

Unfortunately, Dublin's delightful transport system was less cooperative, and while the DART was happy and good and arrived within minutes of my being in the station, the bus took 45 minutes to arrive - this is a situation where I have a choice of three different routes, mind - and there were no taxis in sight. And the wind was punishingly cold, and strong enough to stretch my coat, which is heavy heavy leather and down to my ankles, out horizontally behind me.

But on grounds of being in work late, I stayed in bed late, which is always good, and the Book Clubbooks we had ordered before Christmas have finally arrived. One of those is a massive reference atlas, which I'm going to spend days reading while I consider making something similar in intent, though of necessity smaller, for Davon. Another is (one of?) Jamie Olivers cookbook(s), and they threw in a book on scriptwriting by JMS for free. They threw in a crappy looking novel with a lurid pink cover for free too, but we're ignoring that.

Cold Fusion seems to be a very good product - it's easy to learn, and it Does Good Stuff. I'm building a shopping cart from it at the minute, never used the stuff before, and it's not proving too hard.

And then there's dinner tonight, with Nina, in the Cedar Tree restaurant, which is a wonderful small Lebanese restaurant in Andrew's Street. I'm very much looking forward to that, it's been ages since we were out to dinner properly.
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( Jan. 15th, 2002 12:12 pm)
Finally back at work and settled in. I'm working for Swiftpay in Dun Laoghaire, which is a very good place to work, in terms of both actual workplace and the village.
I'm in a room with three other people, all of whom are human and able to hold a conversation. They're a DB admin, a graphic designer, and a marketing person. Elsewhere in the building are the copywriter, an administrator, one or two support guys, and the MD. That's it for this side of the water, although there are more in Canada - Montreal.

Spellbound is winding toward a close, and I'm starting to think about the next campaign. It's been decided that Nina and Kathy will keep their current characters going forward, and that Dave will take on one of the NPCs - assuming the nPC in question survives the troubled latter days of Spellbound. The name and thematic elements for the new campaign still elude me, but I'm working on it.
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( May. 1st, 2001 12:10 pm)
Again, it's been a while. I got married one week and one day ago, which makes me happy.

As far as we're concerned, that wasn't the wedding, the wedding is in August. But it was A wedding, it's legally binding, it's good for tax purposes, and so on. And I'm happy.

Work is going well, although busy. We acquired another company last week, and there's plenty of chasing around happening for that. And trying to knock the intranet into shape, and being confounded in that by not having all the access I need...

Nina proposed today that a bunch of us take off somewhere - cottage or self-catering apartment or something - for midsummer, so that we can combine some lazing around with gaming, probably something from Davon's history, and do our own midusmmer stuff for good measure. This idea is filling my head right now.
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( Jul. 20th, 2000 12:06 pm)
OK, so it's been a while. It's Thursday night, it's 10:30, I'm quite sleepy. I don't even have that much to write about, but not having updated in forever was bugging me. Work is good. Kerna is a much better place to work. I've got Linux (Mandrake 7) on my machine, which I've taken apart and put back together, along with two other machines in the place. This is oddly pleasing.
And the building is almost finished now, so we won't have to tolerate the builders anymore.

OK. I shall relieve the boredom in work tomorrow with a proper entry.
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( Mar. 10th, 2000 12:03 pm)
Work again, and again bored. There seems to be very little to do right now. The stock price is way up, which makes me happy, becuase if it stays there, I'll be rich on leaving. So I'm spodding, and reading House of Leaves on, which is excellent, and poking around other stuff curiously.

I want to learn more PHP, but I'm not in the mood.

I went through my campaign notebooks last night, and out of curiousity, tried to figure out how long it would take me to wrap up the campaign NOW, without any other material. 27 sessions, I discovered. At an average four sessions a month, that's more than six months. That's into September.

I'm going to have to start other campaigns in the meantime - Faction War, when I get hold of it, and possibly the Middle Kingdoms game, just to get SOME of this stuff out of my head. And then there's Other Dublinto write more of... and all of the now two Sanctuary lists to read a backlog from. And it's a huge backlog.

So much to do, so little of it essential, so much of it essential.

I'm amazed, sometimes, by the amount of stuff I can hold in my head. Writing up Innard's Wardlast night, the spell description went on for two foolscap pages. My hand was cramping, and the pen ran out of ink. And before I started, I thought a paragraph or two would cover it.

Speaking of cramps, I woke up last night with a bastardof a cramp in my left calf. Could barely walk this morning. Add that to a coughing fit, and the overall effect was not pleasant. I do wish I could shake this cold once and for all. Maybe sleeping in over the weekend will deal with it.

Lunchtime, eh? Cheese sandwiches. For some reason, cheese tastes really really good these days. Nothing fancy. Red Cheddar. Not even very red. Almost as good as buttered eggs, and the pancakes from last night. And tea and coffee. Simple tastes. Right now, I would killfor a bowl of stew and some brown bread. I'd maim for soup. And I'm sure there's soup in the canteen, but I'm too lazy and too broke to investigate. Yes, I'll maim for it, but only if I don't have to move.
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( Mar. 8th, 2000 11:58 am)
Back in work. Ugh. Network connection horrible. Ugh. Still coughing. More ugh. Just ugh in general.

There is some stuff to be done - mostly forms and things. I can't imagine how they're going to work these things after we're gone...

Have exchanged mail with Ivan in CSR, so I'm expecting something back anytime soon.

Nina just discovered that there is a Baldur's Gate II coming out soon. 'puter games don't come out fast enough, that's the problem. Especially the replayable type - ones that are customisable, or replayable, or whatever. I'm thinking here mainly of Civ, which you can play again and again (and again and again and again...) and the forthcoming Neverwinter Nights. Drool.

I'm thinking strongly of running Faction War as a summer campaign or something, for when people don't have essays and similar crap to worry about, and we can generate new characters at fifth level or so and run from there. This is mostly Nina's suggestion, but I do like the sound of it. I might even invite in some new players, since the world isn't going to be that personalised or anything.

It'd mean some calculating, though, since the Faction War events would need to take place, from the Davonian point of view, some years in the future. Maybe even a totally separate setting, or something...

I've been reading the Neverwinter Nights boards for a bit, and there does seem to be a fair amount of intent to create new modules and adventures and campaign settings, so that will at least be expandable. I fully intend to put scenarios up for download...

I wonder if anyone has developed Starcraft scenarios or campaigns for downloading... must go look.
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( Mar. 7th, 2000 11:56 am)
Hair. Bastard stuff. My hair is curly - tangly might be a better word it, and just beyond shoulder length when wet. When I haven't combed/conditioned it for a bit, it forms a dense, impenetrable mass. I spent half an hour last night hacking through the worst tangles with a hairbrush, and trying not to scream as my scalp went at leaving with the tangles. Ugh. And already, I can feel another knot developing back there, and that's after I brushed it this morning.

Anyway. Still out. Coughing, just, and still unwell feeling. Should be good to go back tomorrow, for what it's worth. Have played more Civ. Not sure why I bother - it's evident that I'm going to be crushed, bug fashion, in the late game, but I'm taking a vindictive pleasure in stomping on the Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese, I've been reading, in off moments, a Chinese cookery book. I like cookery books, although they make me want to have a real kitchen. I'm not quite sure what a real kitchen is, although it may involved the twin miracles of having every possible foostuff within arm's reach and never having to wash up. However, with some judicious shopping, the kitchen here can be made semi-real. It's a pity I can never quite harness these urges properly.

Not just one, but two copies of Dragonhave arrived, and I fully intend to sit down and read them cover to cover. I spent a lot of yesterday evening, while Nina translated Latin, in reading stuff on There's good, discursive stuff there.

I'm approaching a zen state of contentment at the minute. I have no money, but I have money coming in soon, and this means we won't starve. I spent a while starving in college, and have no intention of repeating the experience. So for the minute I can do nothing, but am content to just be.

I'm also planning stuff for Other Dublin. I plan to have it much less intensive, and much less work needed than on Angwels. The main channel of output will be the mailing list rather than the website, I think, the website serving more as a nice interface to an archive than anything else. This cuts down on the need to put everything in HTML - all I need to do is look down through incoming stories, and forward them to the list. This is good. If I get really lazy and really clever, I might even hook up a mail-to-web program that will take in a story by mail, and store it on the website. That'd be nice.

I'm eating instant Pasta Napolitana from a black bowl. It looks good. It tastes pretty good, too. The smell reminds me exactly, though, of the smell of oxtail soup from National School. My school had a kettle, which would be ritually boiled every day at lunchtime from October through March, and tea or instant soup or Bovril made. Nobody drank coffee back then. I usually had chicken or vegetable soup, usually, to go with the egg sandwiches that I ate every school day for eight years. I still like egg sandwiches, although I've gone off oxtail soup.

We really need some more non-stick pans. The saucepans we have are stainless steel, and while they're good, stuff does stick to them. I'd prefer good old cast-iron pots from a cooking point of view, but they're bastardsto clean, even if they're enamelled.

And we do need a new frying pan. That one is falling apart now. There's an old cast iron one at homehome, which gets sandblasted or something every few months, and has lasted for centuries, it seems. Certainly, the same pan - different handle - is the one my mother taight me to fry eggs in. Eggs in enough grease that you could flip it up onto the topside, so the yolk became this pink blister. I must look up her recipe for fish pie, too.

After I finish eating, I'm going to make myself some coffee - unusual enough at home, cos it requires more thinking than tea - and read those magazines. Comfort. Good.
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( Mar. 6th, 2000 11:54 am)
[archive entry; from diaryland]

I've been home all day, not in work. Sore throat, sore head, dizzy when I stand up. But I wrote a second chapter of Other Dublin, and played more Civ. Kicked Chinese and Viking butt. Damn Jamaaicans're gonna stomp all over me in the late game, though - the chart is the rest of us at about ten degrees out of the horizontal, and the Jamaicans at about forty-five. Fun.

Nina says it was really hot outside, blazing sunshine. I barely registered the sunshine, to be honest - too focussed on the screen.

Got the Official Letter of Job OfferingTMfrom Kerna. 19K, as Junior Networking Engineer or somesuch. Unless I get a ridiculously good offer from elsewhere, I'll be going there. I was supposed to interview for Critical Path today, but it's been put off until Wednesday lunchtime. I MP3'd Welcome to Earthlast night. Really must remember to get the rest of the MP3s off my work machine and onto dogma or somewhere else safe like that.

If there's enough between layoff money and share options, I might stretch to a new computer - so that there's one for each of us in the house. I'm trying to make up my mind whether I want another desktop or a laptop. I'm notgetting a Vaio or anything - too small a keyboard.

And then there's the need for extra hardware for this box - the CD drive is on the verge of falling over, and we could really do with a modem that's not a Winmodem. So we can finally put a Linux on it.

My head is too full of Other Dublinstuff to think clearly about anything else, but Nina says that if I want to read that history book, I gotta do it tonight, as it goers back tomorrow. Such hardship...


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