Anyone who plays World of Warcraft, or even knows someone who does, please be aware of this scam, which I received in email earlier today.
gothwalk: (Madoine)
( Jul. 13th, 2005 12:50 pm)
Since [ profile] mr_wombat has no DSL at the moment, he's kindly lent me his WoW install discs and account, so I can try it out properly. At present, I've one character, an undead warlock called Wormscion, on Argent Dawn. I'm impressed by the level of roleplaying I see going on around me and the gameplay, and, I have to say, more and more irritated by the cartoon graphics - I was just getting used to the undead when I saw a Tauren.

However, I'll be on and off for the next ten days, so drop me a message if you see me on - I'll be alternating it with DAoC.


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